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Anne-Marie Dannenberg

After closing her gallery in 1994 she returned to photography which had been a major interest since her youth when she studied photographic printing in Paris. Although she took classes at the International Center of Photography in New York, she is mostly self taught. She has experimented with many different techniques using photographic media, including some that do not use a camera. These techniques include infrared photography, cyanotypes and photograms (which place objects directly on a photographic emulsion). She has also experimented with collages and calligraphy which she has studied at the Japan Institute and privately with Masako Inkyo.

Her most recent work uses digital photography with 35 mm SLR cameras.

Nature provides a recurring theme for her. She also loves street scenes, architecture and portraits. She photographs what stirs her interests and emotions. This can literally be anything if the light is right, if it has meaning and has interesting color or texture. For her, creating a photograph is like writing a poem.    

She has shown her photography from 1996 until today at several galleries in New York city, in France and Spain.


1981        Faculty brochure for the Chemistry Department of Hunter College
2006      Attachments (about an object which is special in the life of the person photographed)
2016       Grass Lines (about parallel between grasses and Japanese calligraphy)

Award:   Outstanding Book of the year - Silver Medal for the “Most Original Concept” from
               Independent Publisher Book Award 2009

Winter twigs, 2012.jpeg

Winter Twigs, 2012

On the lake, Laurentians, 2013.jpeg

On the Lake, Laurentians, 2013

Midtown Manhattan II, 2012.jpeg

Midtown Manhattan II, 2012

Multiple facets, Chelsea, 2013.jpeg

Multiple Facets, Chelsea, 2013

In the quiet of summer, resting canoes, Laurentians, 2010.jpeg

In the Quiet of Summer, Resting Canoes, Laurentians, 2010

Interrupted conversation, Paris, 2010.jpeg

Interrupted Conversation, Paris, 2010

Abstraction, 2011.jpeg

Abstraction, 2011

Textures and patterns,Chelsea 2009.jpeg

Textures and Patterns, Chelsea, 2009

Fallen tree and the bridge, Central Park, 2010.jpeg

Fallen Tree and the Bridge, Central Park, 2010

Grass in the river, 2012.jpeg

Grass in the River, 2012

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