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Carolee Bongiorno by Peter_edited.jpg

Carolee Bongiorno

Carolee Bongiorno was born in and lives in New York City. She is a professor at City College of New York and is a board certified Art Expressive Therapist. She was educated at Fordham University and the Lincoln Center Institute for the Arts and does work at the Art Students League. Her work consists of mixed media, assemblage of found items and the production of wearable art. Ms. Bongiorno feels we are all living works of art and  she connects to the human soul through her art work. She is a member of Gallery RIVAA and has exhibited her work at the CCNY, “Women Make Art” Exhibition, a one woman show called “Imagine” at the Octagon Gallery, at the Art Students League Annual Show and at the CCNY Art Biennial.

Create, Callage and Assemblage 20_X24_ copy 4.jpeg

Create, collage and assemblage, 20" x 24"

Divinity, Collage and Assemblage 24_X12_X12_Carolee Bongiorno.jpeg

Divinity, collage and assemblage, 24" x 12" x 12"

Feminine Divine, Collage and Assemblage 18_X12_.jpeg

Feminine Divine, collage and assemblage, 18" x 24"

Woman Power, Fabric and Assemblage 24_X20_.jpeg

Woman Power, fabric and assemblage, 24"x 20"

Time Flies Collage and Assemblage 8_X14_.jpeg

Time Flies, collage and assemblage, 8" x 14"

Sacred Space Acrylic 36_X28_.jpeg

Sacred, acrylic, 36"x 28"

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