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Ana-Maria Daranga

Ana-Maria Daranga is an artist working solely in watercolor and who is principally drawn to two main subjects: first, the distinct physical presence and evocative nature of individual buildings [or elements of them] taken as subjects in themselves. She presents these with expressive detail and full technical recognition of their architectural reality.


These buildings are often in one or another European style of architecture, ranging from historic castles, churches and homes to contemporary urban dwellings and rural structures.


Her second main subject, equally important and challenging to her is the richly colorful, ever changing natural world, which she presents vividly in landscapes, seascapes, floral displays and still life groupings that seek to capture the intensity of the living scene itself. 


Often, she combines elements of both these subjects in a single composition, bringing to it singularly evocative tones and effects.


Trained in architecture drawing and the history of art Ana-Maria Daranga is a graduate of “Ion Mincu Institute of Architecture and Urban Design”, Bucharest, Romania. She has practiced as an architect both in Bucharest and New York City.


She is an American citizen and lives in Westchester, New York.


Sheffield, oil on wood, 10" x 8"

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