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Liz Foulks

Liz Foulks is a contemporary figurative painter based in New York City. Her work treads the boundary between real and imaginary, while balancing the interplay of darkness and light. Through her paintings, she seeks to find a certain elegance and softness in all things, even within darker subject matters.

Originally self-taught and cultivating her passion for the arts since childhood, Liz honed her skills during her time at Fordham University, where she graduated with a BA in Visual Arts. She works primarily in oil paint on basswood panel surfaces. By day, she is the Creative Director of a graphic design team, leveraging her experience in digital design to enrich her paintings.

Her latest series navigates the nuances of the human form and the unique reflections that occur when pairing them with abstract moments. This collection is an immersive experience, beckoning viewers to confront deep-seated emotion and introspection. Exploring the depths of the human psyche, Liz unveils the shadows & complexities that dwell within, yet amidst these darker realms, she reveals pockets of serenity & light.

Liz resides in NYC with her husband & her feline companion/muse, Luna. As an active member of the artistic community, she contributes to the cultural landscape through her involvement with RIVAA Gallery and LIC-A, showcasing her work in galleries across the city. She has held 2 solo shows so far in her creative career, and has been part of numerous group exhibitions. Liz's art serves as a portal to new perspectives, inviting viewers to transcend boundaries and see the world through a different lens.


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Corporeal Landscape II Hexaptych

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Let Us Play

Pleased to Meet You

In Her Orbit

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Minis Series

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