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Villo Varga

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Villo Varga was born in Budapest, Hungary, studying drawing and painting since childhood. She worked as an art conservator at the Hungarian National Gallery and at the Budapest Historical Museum before she defected in 1983. Subsequently, she participated in the restoration of a 17th C. church in Siget in der Wart, Austria.


Since coming to the U.S., she has worked In the greater NY area, first as an art conservator at the Alvarez Restoration in Soho, and then as an independent consultant, working in conservation work for galleries, foundations and institutes, and for private collections.


Since 2008 she has concentrated on her own painting and photography. She has painted a series of enlarged, colorful vegetables in photorealistic style, using abstract arrangement, a series of New York cityscapes, titled Messages of New York, depicting city signs and billboards that carry “messages” that mirror the thinking of the city, celebrating urban colorfulness and architectural points of interest. Villo paints in both photorealistic and abstract styles.


She’s has exhibited at galleries and art centers including the Salmagundi Club NY and The National Arts Club NY.  In 2017 she had a solo show of her photographs in the Szepmuhely Gallery Budapest, Hungary and the Pictures and Words Gallery, Teignmouth, UK.


In 2019 she had a solo show of her photographs at the Bergen Players Theater Oradell, NJ. She has been an elected member of the Allied Artists of America, the Audubon Artists; member at the Williamsburg Art&Historical Center, Brooklyn; The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition; The Roosevelt Island Artists Alliance. She won the awards of the National Painters of Acrylic and Casein in 2014 and 2016; and the American Artists of Professional League in 2021. Her works are in the Yuko Nii Foundation and in private collections in the US and in Hungary, France and in the UK.

Messages of New York No. 1 .    acrylic on canvas     30" x 24"

Messages of New Yor. No.2.    oil on wood    30" x 24"

Pale Empire      acrylic on paper   28" x 22"

In search of incredible – New York   acrylic on canvas   29"x 24"

Messages of New York No.3.    oil on canvas   34" x 28"

Messages of New York No.4    oil on canvas   28" x 24"

Rainy city at dusk    acrylic on wood   28" x 17"

Our ancestors’ route – the Silk Road      acrylic on canvas     60" x 60"

Salvador Mundi    composite photograph on metallic paper 14"x11"

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