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Mingxuan "Anton" Wei

Anton is a photographer and a researcher of life sciences. Via the lenses of both cameras and microscopes, he seeks the art of living creatures. He wants to build a bridge between science and art.


Inspired by a random “visit” to the old photo albums, his mind was flooded with warm and colourful childhood memories where his mother took him to photo stores to drop the films exposed by her point-and-shoot camera. After avidly waiting for three or four days, moments of smiles and happiness were3 revealed to him. Twenty years later he picked up the heavy metal machine used by his grandfather, loaded a film, measured the light conditions and triggered the shutter to capture the ephemerals that would hardly exist in their very shapes again. Immersed by the aroma of chemicals and strong contrast of black and white, he knew something from childhood was summoning him invisibly, and guiding him to realise the simple artistic philosophy of life.


When he was sitting in front of the screen, staring at the fluorescent glowing cells, analysing the dry raw data of some dys-regulational effects, he started to wonder at the delicacy of the biological system where each component functions connectively to constitute a body of complex network. It is a subtle work of art. “Why do they have to appear as opaque charts and statistics? They’re art! And they should be exposed to the public in its innate artistic elegancy and charm…”  And there conceived his first art work based on his data images from experiments.

Instagram account:  ikimaa_stmp

Title: Time to Clean the Window

Medium: photography

Title: Lost in Childhood

Medium: photography

Title: A Soft Lullaby 

Medium: photography

Title: Chill

Medium: photography

Title: Chaotic Crimson 

Medium:  microscope

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